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Mittwochsvortrag am 20. Juni 2018

Beginn: 18:30 Uhr

Ort: Ägyptisches Museum der Universität Bonn, Regina-Pacis-Weg 7, 53113 Bonn

Eintritt: € 2,50 / 2,00 (ermäßigt)


Prof. Dr. Mark Collier (Liverpool)

Reading the unwritten: how ancient Egyptian texts invite inferences beyond what is written

(4. Hans-Bonnet-Gedenkvortrag) 


Abbildung: Portraitfoto des Vortragenden (Foto: M. Collier)

(Englisches Abstract des Vortragenden:) 

When we speak and write to each other, we regularly leave various things unsaid or unwritten, expecting others to fill in the gaps and tailor the meaning appropriately. So did the Ancient Egyptians. When we now read Ancient Egyptian writings, we are the ones who have to fill in the gaps. How well can we do this? Can we do this? We will look at examples including how one thief successfully argued his way into a share from the tomb robbery of another group of thieves, how a vizier made it clear that a priest’s settlement of property (including slaves) between his new wife and his existing children from his previous wife should be accepted, and how in the Blinding of Truth by Falsehood, the son of Truth argues his case to right the wrong done to his father.

Prof. Dr. Mark Collier graduated with a BA in Ancient History and Egyptology and a PhD in Egyptology from University College London. He was then a British Academy Post-doctoral Fellow and Junior Research Fellow at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge until 1992, and then a Post-doctoral Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford until 1996. He arrived at the University of Liverpool as a Lecturer in Egyptology in 1996. He was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2004 and to a personal chair as a Professor of Egyptology in 2011. Among his main research interests are the study of the various phases of the Ancient Egyptian language including grammatical analysis with a focus on meaning, and the study of subjective modes of expression in Ancient Egyptian.



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