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Special offers

The Egyptian museum of the University Bonn understands itself as a “Laboratory of Appropriation”.  Experience Ancient Egypt directly and learn more about were our knowledge comes from!


Tours for school classes, groups, and private persons

All tours and offers can also be booked outside of the opening hours/in the morning.  This offer is especially for schools.


Timely registration is required under:
Telephone: 0228-739710
E-mail: aegyptisches-museum(at)

Length: ca. 1 hour
Costs: 30, - in addition to the reduced entrance fee (2,00 per visitor; for school classes 1,50 per student, accompanying teachers free)
All tours, through advanced notification, can take place in English!

Further offers following a tour:
Rally for children (in German) through the current exhibit with a small prize:
30,- in addition to 1,50 cost of material per person; length: ca. 30-45 minutes

Small course as an introduction into hieroglyphic writing: 30, - in addition to 3,- cost of material per person; length: ca. 45-60 minutes

Children’s birthdays in the museum

Celebrate birthdays differently for a change!  The amusement park was already visited last year? And “Marco Polo” has become boring over time? Then why not come to our museum and celebrate a child’s birthday Ancient Egyptian style!  We invite you on an exciting trip through the Ancient Egyptian culture.  In a tour, learn how the pharaoh lived, celebrated, and was buried.  Following the tour, you can explore the museum yourself through a rally and solve fascinating questions about the legacy of the pharaoh.  You can then choose one of the following points for what you want to do:
Decorate a linen bag with Egyptian motives
Decorate papyrus with Egyptian symbols
Make Egyptian bracelets
Write your own name in Hieroglyphics on Papyrus
Decorate a flowerpot with Egyptian motives
NEW: Make bookmarks with Egyptian motives or Hieroglyphics

We look forward to your visit!

Schedule: Children’s birthdays can take place on the weekend and on Fridays.  The program is about two hours. (Only with advanced notification, dates can be chosen freely as far as possible) For children 7 and up, groups up to max. 10 children.

Costs: 99,- including admission, supervision, a small present for the birthday child and material (admission for the parents and siblings is free!) Drinks, food, etc. must be brought by the parents/family!

Registration under:
Telephone: 0228-739710
E-mail: aegyptisches-museum(at)

Workshops for big and small

Workshop offers for big and small
Dates/Appointments: after prior registration; in general, the dates can be chosen freely
Length: each activity takes about an hour
Costs: per activity 30,00 in addition to an additional charge (please note that admission is not included)
Number of participants: max. 25 participants

Registration under:
Telephone: 0228-739710
E-mail: aegyptisches-museum(at) (to Ms. Verena Hoops)

Activities (additional charge per person in EUR):
Write your own name in Hieroglyphics on Papyrus: 3.00
Decorate a linen bag with Egyptian motives: 5.00
Write your own name on a ceramic pot: 5.00
Make Egyptian bracelets: 5.00
Make an Egyptian bracelet with a scarab: 7.00
Make a pectoral with scarab (neck shield?): 7.00
Decorate sunhat with Egyptian motives: 7.00
Decorate pillowcase with Egyptian motives: 7.00

Use of the Egyptian Museum for external events

The Egyptian Museum of the University Bonn resides in the former conference hall of the Michaels Order of the electoral palace.  The hall is located directly over the Koblenz Gate and stands out through its grand baroque façade, on the crest of which is topped by a gilded statue of the archangel Michael.  Large windows show a panorama of the Hofgarten, the courtyard, the Adenauerallee as well as the downtown area.  A special flair is created through the originals of the Egyptian collection on display, which include the unique “Bonner Jagdschale” from Qubbet el-Hawa and the torso of a scribe figure from the New Kingdom.  The large-size cast representation of Pharaoh Sethi I. on a chariot decorates the back wall of the room.

Room size: 290 m2
Facilities: Projector with screen, lectern, microphone, chairs (folding chairs)
Admittance: max. 40 persons
Catering: drinks, snacks, and appetizers are possible; warm meals are not an option
Rent for the hall: 600, - in addition to the costs for security (dependent of time and day of the week)

Booking of the hall at least three weeks ahead of time (because of the submission for the approval by the Facility Management of the University).
Please note: There are only two toilettes available (1x Men,  1x Women)

Registration under:
Telephone: 0228-739710
E-mail: aegyptisches-museum(at)

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